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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Early Delivery and Late Delivery from Colorado and Malaysia

MSN 4 - DHC-7-102 N27RM
Rocky Mountain Airways

MSN 112 - DHC-7-102 9M-TAL
Berjaya Air
Tioman Island, Malaysia 26-Aug-2014
Photeka Photo

Friday, 25 September 2015

Addition of Aircraft Histories & Photos

As I mentioned back in the initial post, the small numbers of operational Dash-7's does not necessarily marry well to a blog format that concentrates largely on activity driven news. The up side to that however is that the small number of aircraft built does allow for the development of Dash7Spotter into a site that mirrors Twin Otter Archive. The central blog itself reporting on news of the global Dash-7 fleet, and Dash-7 operators, and now with the addition of individual aircraft histories and photos, in a similar format to Twin Otter Archive.

I have begun the groundwork on this part of the project, and have started adding a selection of early MSN's which can be found in what is currently called "Other Pages & Pictures" in the right side panel of your screen. As I progress, the pictures currently held in the various operators galleries will be moved into the history page for the individual serial.  

The Dash-7 still has a strong enthusiast following and while not a commercial winner for the manufacturer, it successfully filled a segment of the market that no other aircraft of the era could. Even today, some forty years after the first aircraft flew, it still fills a particular niche with major operators such as Air Tindi, Voyageur Airways, Trans Capital Air and the U.S. military.

MSN 7 - DHC-7-103 N27AP
ERA Aviation
Anchorage, AK Jul-1984
Paul Howard Photo