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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Operator Gallery Additions

20 new aircraft have been added to the Operator Galleries, which include new galleries for Asian Spirit, City Express, Pelita Air Service, and Trans Capital Air.

  • Asian Spirit/Zest Airways RP-C2915, RP-C2978, RP-C2996
  • Brymon Airways C-GGXS
  • City Express C-GJVY, C-GGXS, C-GJKS (X2), C-GHRV
  • Pelita Air Service PK-PSV, PK-PSW, PK-PSX, PK-PSY
  • Trans Capital Air C-GGXS, C-GLPP, C-GVPP, C-GVWD, C-GYTZ
  • Voyageur Airways C-FZKM, C-GGUL

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