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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Full House at the City Center

Today's arrival of C-FJHQ is going to be a tight squeeze at Toronto Island where there are already seven  DHC-7's currently on the ground, as can be seen in the photos below.

On the main Trans Capital ramp are C-FPBJ (MSN 9), C-FERO (MSN 113) and C-GVPP (MSN 72) with another unidentified one inside the hangar. I can see that the hangared one is a 103 series, which only leaves C-FWYU (MSN 12) or C-GTGO (MSN 106).

Nicoli Øz Mathews Photo

Over on the far side of the field an additional three aircraft can be found, C-GNUY (MSN 33), C-GYTZ (MSN 77) and C-GVWD (MSN 108)

Nicoli Øz Mathews Photo

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